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Industrial, medical electronics and power are at the heart of our new society needs: sustainable development, preservation of health, security, mobility, with all their requirements in terms of data gathering, communication and processing, as well as in energy consumption, power and command/movement control analysis.
In many of these industries segments, Europe has a proven and worldwide recognized know-how and expertise in which Redtree is contributing by scouting the latest progress in technologies and providing the most optimized solutions in terms of miniaturization, efficiency, robustness and cost for the following applications :
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Semi manuf/Scientific
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Smart Buildings


We provide intelligent & turnkey industrial solutions such as:


> Memory modules (DRAM, SSD, NVDIMM, SD…)
> Motor/Piezo Driver/PWM amplifiers
> High precision VREs
> WiFi – BTLE Connectivity,
> 2/3/4/5G – WiFi – BTLE Connectivity,
> RF Analog Front Ends, Amplifiers/Switches/LNAs
> RF coexistence SAW/BAW Filters,
> MEMs Microphones and Voice control
> Sensors (light, proximity, T°/RH, VOC, Motion, Gesture…).

> ARM Embedded Processing modules
> PLC communication modules
> EtherCAT controller
> TFT and Oled Displays
> ASIC Foundry & Services

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