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Video decoding is moving quickly from HD/2K to 3D and then UHD/4K and content providers are looking for high quality, integrated content decoding all whilst achieving efficient capex spending.

Redtree is proposing a scalable solution based on a system-on-chip with powerful multimedia features, low power consumption and optimized performance. It makes it the ideal solution for cost effective multimedia devices with low power requirements such as Smart Stick, IP-Client and STB with 4K 60fps decoding.
This multimedia application processor is based on a combined Cortex™-A53 Quad and Cortex™-M4 with a multi-format hardware video accelerator including HEVC and VP9, optimized to reduce power consumption. It also provides high-performance 2D/3D graphic engine for 4K resolution GUI and various peripherals to save total costs. This solution supports full compliance with 4K contents security guideline for variable STB applications.


We also have a solution based on Cortex™-A7 Quad or Dual and Cortex™-M4 to support HD/2K content with a multi-format hardware video accelerator including HEVC optimized to reduce power consumption, high-performance 2D/3D graphic engine for rich GUI and various peripherals to save total BOM costs.
These platforms enable to run stable open Operating Systems such as Linux™ (supporting HTML5, Opera Software web browser) and Android™ from Eclair to Kitkat and now Marshmallow In order to accelerate your time to market, Redtree’s Partners Ecosystem can help and support you with software integration, connectivity solutions and hardware implementation up to turnkey solution.

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Our solutions




> MMedia Application Processor
> Connectivity (WiFi, BTLE…)
> WiFi and BT RF Front Ends
> SAW/BAW Cohexistence filters



> Linux™ and Android™
> HTML5,
> Opera Software™,
> Access™ DLNA / Miracast / NFS
> Adaptive Streaming (HLS, MPEG-DASH, MS Smooth Streaming)
> TEE + Secure Videopath + 4K Security Guideline

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